Isaac is a seven year old, handsome male, domestic long-haired cat. Isaac had a painful mouth for 1-1/2 years that did not respond to antibiotic or steroid medication. Isaac became lethargic and antisocial. He lost weight and was taking pain medication daily. Isaac’s veterinarian referred Amy and Isaac to Dr. Hoffman for a second opinion.

Isaac had plasma cell stomatitis which was causing the pain. The cause of stomatitis in cats is not fully understood and treatment is not always successful. Currently, the most successful treatment involves removing most or all of the teeth.

Dr. Hoffman removed Isaac’s back teeth. Isaac is eating well again and has gained weight. He particularly likes to eat his cat food, ice cream, and tuna. Isaac and Amy watch squirrels and birds in the yard and movies together. He also plays with his brothers, Milo the cat and Dudley the dog.

Amy says, “I have my baby back! This is the cat I had years ago. He’s playful, loving and eats. He’s back!”