Rocky is a member of the Shah family. He is an eight year old Dachshund. A year ago, Rocky began having bad breath and he seemed to be having difficulty eating. Routine dental cleanings seemed to help at first but then Rocky’s mouth became painful and he wouldn’t allow his teeth to be brushed.

When Dr. Hoffman saw Rocky, he had lost three pounds. She found infection under Rocky’s gums. The infection had caused bone loss, loose teeth, and a deep pocket that went all the way into Rocky’s nose. Dr. Hoffman performed oral surgery to close the hole, remove loose teeth, and remove infection from pockets around the teeth.

Rocky now enjoys eating canned food again and whatever his family is eating as well. He has gained back the three pounds he had lost when he was in pain. He plays ball, likes to go to the beach and the dog park. He has his own bed but usually ends up in bed with Mr. and Mrs. Shah.

The Shahs say that Rocky is a totally new dog since his dentistry procedures. He seems happy and playful, and “the difference is like that between night and day.”